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Get Your IBD Aware Now!

Real-Time Monitoring, Real-Life Benefits

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Getting Started in 3 Easy Steps

(1) Order Your Starter Kit

Secure Your Health Companion: Place an order for the IBD Aware Starter Kit, and we'll ensure it's delivered to you as soon as possible. Each kit includes what you need to begin your journey towards proactive management.

(2) Downlaod and Activate

Seamless Setup Process: Once your Starter Kit arrives, download the IBD Aware app on your iOS device. Follow our straightforward guide to activate your device and set up your profile for personalized monitoring.

(3) Refill as Needed

Continuous Care, On Your Terms: Stay ahead in your health tracking by ordering sensor refills whenever you need them. Our flexible system allows you to maintain consistent monitoring without any hassle.

A Revolutionary Step in IBD Management
Innovative Monitoring at Your Fingertips:

IBD Aware is not just a device; it's a breakthrough in IBD management. This wearable technology allows for real-time inflammation tracking with just a tiny amount of passive sweat. It's designed for everyday comfort, fitting seamlessly into your routine. Ideal for managing various forms of IBD, it provides crucial insights into your health, empowering you to make informed decisions about your diet, medication, and lifestyle.

Screenshot of the IBD Aware app displaying a detailed calprotectin graph, providing users with clear, real-time inflammation monitoring insights.

Partnering for Better Care:

Our collaboration with top IBD institutions and clinicians, like the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation, Mount Sinai, and the University of Chicago, reflects our commitment to integrating IBD Aware into your healthcare. This IBD Aware platform  is designed as a decision support system to personalize and complement the medical advice and treatment plans from your physicians. With clinician dashboards, your physician can directly access your real-time data, with your permission, for a more coordinated and informed approach to managing your IBD.

Join Our Next Cohort: A Unique Opportunity

Purchase Your IBD Aware Today:

Step into proactive health management with the immediate purchase of IBD Aware, your partner in wellness. Our Starter Kit, priced at-cost, includes the IBD Aware device and four initial sensors, designed for ease of use and accessibility. Need more sensors? Easily order additional ones as needed for continuous monitoring.  To participate, ensure you meet our criteria: you must be 18 years or older, have access to an iOS device (Android support coming in Q2), and be located in the United States. Begin your path to enhanced well-being with IBD Aware.

Shaping the Future of IBD Care Together:

As an early-stage venture, your input is invaluable. You're not just using a device; you're part of a pioneering community shaping IBD Aware. Your feedback and experiences drive our weekly enhancements, ensuring the device evolves as a vital tool in IBD management. This journey is about more than technology; it's a collaborative effort in IBD care, where each member's insights directly influence the product's development to meet the diverse needs of the IBD community.

  • What is IBD Aware?
    No Needles, Just Insights. IBD Aware is the first non-invasive wearable technology for monitoring IBD disease activity. It enables continuous monitoring of the biomarkers associated with inflammation in your passively expressed sweat.
  • How does IBD Aware work?
    Harness the power of your own sweat! IBD AWARE uses a Sweatsenser strip to detect multiple analytes from your sweat in real-time. The wearable Reader then wirelessly transmits this data to your smartphone app, turning complex biochemistry into easy-to-understand health insights.
  • What is the technology behind IBD Aware?
    We're leveraging cutting-edge biochemistry and wireless technology. Our Sweatsenser strip detects multiple analytes, while the Reader device wirelessly transmits this data to your app. It's a seamless blend of science and convenience. Be sure to check out our published research.
  • What comes in the IBD Aware kit?
    Your IBD AWARE kit is a complete health ecosystem. It includes: Device: 1 wearable device for real-time inflammation monitoring Sensors and Patches: 2 sensors with patches per week for continuous tracking of IBD biomarkers Charger and Case: A dedicated charger and case to ensure your device is always powered up and can be stored safely App Access: Free real-time access to the IBD Aware app, providing insights into your inflammation levels, diet, medication, and lifestyle impacts. IBD Aware Updates: Information on our collaborations with top IBD clinicians and institutions as we look to improve IBD patient's quality of life together
  • Does using IBD AWARE require a prescription?
    No prescription needed, but let's be clear: IBD Aware is still in the study phase and hasn't received official FDA certification yet. Our products are designed to help you maintain and encourage a wellness state. They're not intended for diagnosing or treating any disease without a physician's guidance. With that said, we can provide valuable data to you and your healthcare provider for a more informed approach to your wellness journey.
  • What data does IBD AWARE collect?
    IBD Aware is your personal health data hub. It captures real-time sweat analytics, including multiple analytes, to provide a comprehensive picture of your IBD status for you and your healthcare provider. The current IBD Aware version includes Calprotectin, TNF-a, IL-6, and C-Reactive Protein.
  • Does the amount of sweat I produce affect the accuracy of the device?
    No need to sweat about it—literally! Our sensor is engineered to handle all scenarios, whether you're in hot or cold climates, exercising, or just chilling. It's your reliable companion for accurate IBD monitoring, come rain or shine
  • Is there an age limit for using IBD Aware?
    Currently, IBD AWARE is designed for adults aged 18 to 65. If you fall outside this age range, don't fret! We have ongoing studies for other age groups. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about these exciting opportunities.
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