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IBD Aware in the News

Advancing Care with Innovative Sweat Sensor Technology with Leading Clinicians

EnLiSense CCM, a pioneer in non-invasive, real-time inflammatory biomarker monitoring, announces the initiation of multiple groundbreaking clinical studies in collaboration with top-tier medical institutions to further the management of Chronic Diseases

Funding Surge Empowers NextGen Sensors for Breakthrough in Real-Time Biomarker Management

EnLiSense CCM Receives Funding from Crohn's & Colitis Foundation To Develop Its Real-Time Inflammation Monitor Using Sweat Sensors For Tracking And Monitoring IBD Disease Activity In Patients

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Clinical Data from UChicago Supports Novel Continuous Calprotectin Monitoring Wearable for IBD Management

EnLiSense's IBD Aware device offers a pioneering solution for managing inflammatory bowel disease by continuously monitoring calprotectin levels non-invasively through innovative passive-perspiration sensor technology.

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Mount Sinai and EnLiSense: Pioneering Real-Time Biomarker Monitoring through Groundbreaking Studies

EnLiSense’s device offers the first groundbreaking solution for continuous, non-invasive monitoring of inflammatory bowel disease through innovative sweat-sensing technology.

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Sweat Monitoring: A New Frontier in Chronic Disease Management

Revolutionizing Inflammatory Bowel Disease Management with Cutting-Edge Wearable Technology: A Leap Towards Real-Time, Non-Invasive Monitoring and Insights Through Advanced Sweat Analysis

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