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Navigating Your IBD Aware Data, Today and in the Future

Person wearing IBD Aware device on their arm, intently viewing their real-time inflammatory biomarker levels on an iPad, engaging with personalized IBD management insights.

Pioneering Your Path with IBD Aware

As early adopters, you are pioneers in new type of healthcare technology. It's important to remember that IBD Aware is in its nascent stages, with more robust and informative data becoming available as we progress. This tool offers a unique lens into the physiological expressions of your body, updated every few minutes. However, interpreting this information is intricate and nuanced, and any medical decisions should always be done in consultation with medical professionals. IBD Aware is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Remember, IBD Aware is a companion on your wellness journey, not a standalone medical advisor.

Our collaboration with top IBD clinicians from the University of Chicago and Mount Sinai is ongoing, aimed at enhancing both patient and clinician understanding of the data generated by our wearable IBD sensors. As we incorporate their expertise into our platform, your data, both old and new, will continually be updated with the latest insights. Throughout the upcoming year, expect an expanding array of information and tools to help you better interpret your data and ultimately assist in managing your IBD condition.

Our aim is to support wellness at this stage, with a longer term goal of acting as a decision-support tool as you and your doctor make medical decisions related to your health.


Day One with IBD Aware: Deciphering Your Biomarkers

At this stage, understanding your IBD Aware data revolves around observing changes in biomarker levels over time. This initial phase is about familiarizing yourself with your unique biomarker patterns. With robust clinical testing ahead of us, for now, the best approach is to monitor how your biomarker levels fluctuate relative to your previous readings. Over time, you'll establish your own baseline levels and may notice how factors like diet, sleep, and stress influence these levels.

Your levels compared to others can be influenced by many factors (e.g., age, disease state, other conditions, etc..), so understanding your baseline is step 1 in creating personalized insights.

Our ongoing research plays a crucial role in establishing reference ranges for 'normal' versus 'elevated' biomarker levels.

You can take a read of our studies today to better understand your data, and stay tuned as we have several more clinical studies coming out in the next quarter:


Evolving Insights: What's Next for IBD Aware Users

As more users begin to use IBD Aware, we plan to provide anonymized data sets from our studies to all users, offering high level reference points to aid in your data interpretation. For example, these could include ranges on those by disease state (remission versus active), high level demographic differences, and what are typical day vs night fluctuations.

Expect monthly updates that provide broader context on community data and its relation to wellness outcomes. These could include insights on how sleep or diet is impacting users' biomarker levels.

Our clinician partners will also contribute their research findings when appropriate, aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding of IBD management. Our goal is to enrich your understanding of IBD management through analytics that correlate your data with daily life activities, with the end goal of supporting patients and physicians in understanding when a particularly IBD inflammatory biomarker has become elevated and provide as much context as possible in how it became that way.

AI dashboard displaying a user's IBD biomarker tracking profile, featuring dynamic charts, an AI chatbot for personalized advice, and a detailed journal of events impacting IBD management.


Looking Ahead: IBD Aware's Vision for Tomorrow

Envisioning the future of IBD Aware, we are inspired by the transformative journey of diabetes management. Over the past two decades, diabetes care has seen significant evolution, transitioning from routine blood pricks to the use of continuous glucose monitors that directly inform insulin pump treatments. IBD Aware stands at the cusp of a similar revolutionary path in chronic disease management. Just as continuous glucose monitoring has redefined diabetes care, we are poised to redefine the management of IBD, bringing an unparalleled level of insight and control into the hands of those affected.

Our ongoing collaboration with leading IBD clinicians is a cornerstone of our development strategy. The focus of this collaboration is to ensure that IBD Aware evolves into a sophisticated decision-support tool. The platform, shaped by direct feedback from patients and clinicians, is being crafted to be intuitive and user-friendly. Once we receive the necessary regulatory approvals, IBD Aware will be ready to seamlessly integrate into the daily lives of patients, offering them a new level of empowerment over their condition.

A central goal as IBD Aware progresses is the facilitation of personalized treatment protocols. This personalization is crucial because IBD manifests uniquely in each individual. By leveraging detailed biomarker data, clinicians can craft treatment strategies that are tailored to the individual nuances of each patient's IBD profile. This approach is more than just a clinical advancement; it's a pathway to improving patient outcomes and enhancing the quality of life for those living with IBD. Our vision is a future where each patient's treatment is as unique as their experience of the disease.

Looking further ahead, our ambition is for IBD Aware to become an integral part of a broader health ecosystem. Integration with other health monitoring devices and electronic health records is a key part of this vision. By achieving this integration, IBD Aware will provide a comprehensive overview of a patient’s health status, not just limited to IBD management. This holistic view will empower both patients and healthcare providers with critical insights, influencing overall well-being and health management strategies. We're working towards a future where the management of IBD is seamlessly woven into the fabric of comprehensive health care, where every piece of health data contributes to a fuller understanding of the patient's health.


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