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Track. Control. Conquer.

Introducing the first wearable that measures inflammation in real-time to help you monitor your IBD

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IBD Monitoring, Reimagined

Meet IBD Aware, your essential companion for smarter IBD management. This wearable device tracks IBD biomarkers non-invasively, both day and night. It offers insights into how your lifestyle, diet, and medication affect your condition, enabling truly personalized care. Embrace a streamlined approach to IBD management with IBD Aware, blending convenience with control.

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Revolutionize your IBD Management

Discover your inner balance as you track your path back to wellness

Graphic showing continuous health monitoring with a wearable device, displaying real-time data updates on a screen.

Continuous Monitoring

Capture the dynamic nature of inflammation on-demand, empowering proactive management

Versatile wearable health monitor shown being worn on different parts of the body, highlighting its adaptability and ease of use.

Wear with comfort

Comfortably wear on your arms or legs, providing you flexible fit options to fit your day

Close-up image of a bead of sweat on skin, symbolizing the non-invasive method of health monitoring through sweat analysis.

No Needles, No Blood

With just a few microliters of passive sweat, IBD Aware continues working while you relax 

Test tube with colored layers representing the four key biomarkers monitored by the device: Calprotectin, TNF-alpha, CRP, and IL-6.

4 IBD Biomarkers

Monitors the IBD biomarkers: Calprotectin, C-Reactive Protein (CRP), IL-6, and TNF-α

Light bulb glowing brightly, symbolizing the actionable insights provided by the wearable device for effective IBD management.

Actionable Insights

See how your diet, medication, and lifestyle may impact your inflammation levels

Professional clinician in a white coat, representing the expert medical collaboration in the development of the wearable health monitoring device.

Top Clinicians

Partnered with top IBD clincians. We make it easy for you to interface with your doctor 

Science Backed. Wellness Approved.

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